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Our Delicious Food at Your Doorstep, Canada!

Save your precious time by removing the mundane task of grocery shopping.   Shopping online can take under 5 minutes and you can do it from anywhere!  

Save your time, save your money, order groceries online!

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Pull Out Your Computer or Mobile Device

No need to drive through traffic anymore!  Chances are you have a computer or mobile device near by.  Pull up your comfiest seat and explore our Aisles. 

Browse the Smart City Foods Website and Checkout

We have thousands of products to choose from!  You might even find something you didn’t know existed.   Once you complete your grocery shopping then simply head to your shopping card and check out through amazons checkout process.  

Your Groceries Have Arrived

This is the easiest it has ever been!  You don’t have to pick up any bags at all.  You can expect your delivery as early as next day from your Amazon Delivery driver.  In some instances you can even get your groceries on the same day.   


And that’s it!  High five your shopping partner!  That was the fastest and easiest shopping experience ever!

Where We Deliver


Sick of the rain? Are the long lines at the grocery stores driving you insane? Or how about that driver or pedestrian on their phone?


Not enjoying the cold? Tired of taking the 401 and dealing with rush hour traffic? Don't waste your time anymore!


It's either too hot or too cold! Traffic is a nightmare like any city. Then there's the fact that the next closest grocery store is a 30 minute drive!